While Fuegorita may be best known for adding a kick to prepared foods, it was originally born in Carmen's kitchen as a way to add heat while her delicious meals were being made. The original Fuegorita was concocted from a blend of whatever hot peppers were left in our kitchen long enough for us to dry them out, blend them and store them in a covered jar next to the stove where a dash could be added to just about anything. Our favorite use when cooking with Fuegorita is in soups: from turkey soup made from holiday leftovers to lentil, butternut squash, potato and -- of course -- chili. But the ways to cook with Fuegorita are as limitless as the number of meals you can imagine making. Our fans use Fuegorita in rubs for grilling, in sauces of all kinds and when cooking literally anything -- asparagus and olive oil, veggie fried rice, oven-roasted potatoes, pulled pork, breaded sausage balls, chicken casserole, enchiladas, cheesy bread -- you name it! Some of our customers use Fuegorita when brewing their coffee, and last year we roasted our pumpkin seeds with a blend of butter, salt and Fuegorita. How will you cook with Fuegorita? We'd love to hear from you, or better yet, please post a photo on any of our social media feeds.


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