Spicy Pizza

We’re in love -- with Fuegorita on pizza!

Crushed red pepper, long a staple of pizza parlors, just isn't hot enough for some of today’s adventurous taste buds. Now, instead of removing the top of the jar on the restaurant’s table to add enough flavor, we bring a bottle of Fuegorita right along with us. We hope Fuegorita will soon be available in pizza stores everywhere. In the meantime, we're excited to get Fuegorita into your hands so you can spice up your own pizza.

The great thing about Fuegorita is how easy it is to control the heat while adding a tasty pepper flavor to every variety of pie. Need just a little kick on your slice of pepperoni? No problem! Just add a dash. Really like to set your mouth on fire with your favorite combo? We've got you covered! 


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