If you’ve ever eaten food so spicy that it gave you the hiccups, you know how hot Fuegorita is. And if you use red pepper flakes to liven up your favorite dishes but they don’t quite hit the mark, you’re going to love Fuegorita. Add it to your favorite recipes or sprinkle it on prepared foods – from eggs to pizza, tacos to spaghetti, steak to chili and all of your other favorite foods. Add a little or a lot to reach just the temperature that makes your taste buds hop.

 We’ve found the optimal blend of heat and flavor to give food a noticeable kick while not overwhelming the tastes you’ve created. While the magical blend of peppers we use to make Fuegorita is top secret, we promise you they are a blend of some of the world’s hottest peppers with no artificial ingredients added.

We hope you’ll love Fuegorita as much as we do, but be warned: Eat it with caution. It’s not just hot – it’s hiccup hot!


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