We have yet to find a dish that wouldn't benefit from a little extra kick, courtesy of Fuegorita.

The most popular use of Fuegorita is on top of pizza and pasta, but the list of foods our fans tell us they use it on is endless -- from sprinkling it on eggs at the breakfast table to spicing up a salad at lunch and enhancing every type of ethnic food at dinnertime. Fuegorita provides a great way to control the heat level of any dish. Casseroles, french fries, fried rice -- there really isn't a meal that can't benefit from our dry hot spicy blend!

Now parents who love spicy food can simply add a dash of Fuegorita to their portion after the kids have been served. And if your favorite Thai or Indian restaurant never makes your dinner as zippy as you want, now the problem is solved. And no more unscrewing the lid to get enough red peppers to liven up a slice of pizza. A few sprinkles of Fuegorita will raise the heat level to wherever you want it.

Fuegorita goes great with popcorn, pot pies, tacos, burgers, sushi, vegetables...the list goes on. How will you use hiccup-hot Fuegorita? We'd love to see your pictures on our Instagram feed!


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