20 Ways to Spice Up Every Meal with Fuegorita Crushed Red Pepper

by Tony Winders March 11, 2021

20 Ways to Spice Up Every Meal with Fuegorita Crushed Red Pepper

Fuegorita is a fresher, more flavorful and spicier replacement for cayenne, chili powder or crushed red pepper in any recipe. (But use a little less, Fuegorita packs a punch!*) Try adding it to these dishes:

1) Avocado Toast - Whip it into a guacamole spread, or sprinkle on top of slices

2) Pickled Foods - Great on kraut or mix a generous helping right into your pickle jar

3) Olive Oil - Sprinkle onto a plate of oil, with balsamic vinegar, for dipping bread 

4) Biscuits & Gravy - Add to the gravy recipe, or on top of a steaming plate of Bs & Gs

5) Mac & Cheese - Feed the kids first then, add it to your portion for a spicy treat

6) Fried Rice - Cook it into the recipe or sprinkle on top of the final product 

7) Salsa - Kick your store-bought or homemade salsas up a heat level or two

8) Rubs - Add it to your favorite rub to create spicy barbeque steak, chicken or ribs

9) Fried Foods - Add some heat to French fries, tater tots or fried chicken batter  

10 Pasta - Any pasta dish you can imagine just gets better with hot pepper

11) Soups - Chili, butternut squash, potato, chowder, split pea and more

12) Sauces - A new dimension for dipping in BBQ sauce, catsup, ranch and more

13) Coffee - Give your Joe a tingly zip by brewing a teaspoon into your coffee grounds  

14) Salads - Give any salad a spicy zip, especially southwest chicken 

15) Bacon - Add a generous portion prior to cooking to give bacon a real kick

16) Popcorn - Add some heat to a classic snack, but be sure to pour a cold drink 

17) Dips - Spinach and artichoke, Velveeta and Rotel, hummus and more 

18) Nachos - Bake it into the cheese and sprinkle on top 

19) Shrimp Cocktail - Add a dash to give a new flare to this classic appetizer 

20) Fresh Veggies - Grilled asparagus, baked potatoes, brussel sprouts and more

Are you ready to try the hotter, better crushed red pepper? Having a bottle in your kitchen is just a click away!

*Scoville Heat Units:
Chili powder 1,000
Cayenne 15,000
Fuegorita 68,000
Habanero 100,000
Ghost 800,000

Tony Winders
Tony Winders


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