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  • Fuegorita is so clean and so spicy, I love it! It doesn’t clog up the original taste like other dried pepper products, it just brings on the heat!

    - Joe Andrieu, Santa Barbara, California

  • Fuegorita has taken our favorite home-cooked meals to a new level, adding both heat and flavor to everything from chili and hamburger patties to the batter for fried chicken.

    - Todd and Mandy Allen, Columbus, Indiana

  • Pizza has been my favorite food for more than 25 years -- now I must eat it with Fuegorita.

    - Christian Gray, Carlsbad, California

  • When I make my famous chicken fettuccine Alfredo, I serve the kids first and then cover my own plate with spicy Fuegorita. Sheer perfection.

    - Yosef Rosen, Westlake Village, California

  • Fuegorita packs a spicy punch! I use it daily when brewing my coffee; it gives the perfect zing to almost anything.

    - Lesley Frederikson, Eau Claire, Wisconsin