Fuegorita Flake (1.5 oz)

A flavorful blend of the world's hottest dried peppers, with a coarse consistency perfect for sprinkling on top of any prepared dish to make the foods you love spicier.

Made from the hottest dried peppers in the world, Fuegorita is the hotter, better crushed red pepperwith its immaculate blend of kick and heat that's a must-have for every spicy food fan.

Bottle: Fuegorita Flake blend in 4oz PET bottle with .250/5-hole flapper lid and PS seal.

Heat: Fuegorita is extremely hot. Please keep out of the reach of children and use sparingly until you are familiar with how much heat your taste buds can handle.

Weight: Product weight for one bottle in its packaging is 3 oz., the net weight is 1.5  oz.

Origin: Peppers used to make Fuegorita are imported from locations around the world where they grow best.

Ingredients: Fuegorita is an all-natural blend of the world’s hottest dry peppers. Nothing is added to our secret formula.

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Case of Fuegorita

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