Pack of 2: Fuegorita Flake & Fuegorita Fire Salt

Enjoy our original Fuegorita Flake all-natural dry hot pepper artisanal blend on top of pizza or any prepared dish and add Fuegorita Fire Salt to popcorn, fresh fruit and more!

Fuegorita Flake

Made from the hottest dried peppers in the world, Fuegorita Flake is the "hotter, better crushed red pepper" with its immaculate blend of kick and heat that's a must-have for every spicy food lover. Each 4 oz PET bottle contains 1.5 oz net wt of Fuegorita Flake with a .250/5-hole flapper lid and pressure sensitive seal. 

Fuegorita Fire Salt

Fuegorita Fire Salt combines Fegorita Fine, created from the world's hottest dried peppers, and all-natural TrueSalt™ to create a spicy kick anywhere salt is used. Each 4 oz PET bottle contains 2.5 oz net wt of Fuegorita Fire Salt is with a .200/5-hole flapper lid and pressure-sensitive seal.

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Case of Fuegorita

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Save 20% when you buy a case of 24 bottles of Fuegorita.

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