Pack of 4: Fuegorita Flake, Fuegorita Fine, Fuegorita Fire Salt & Fuegorita Diablo

Taste our entire collection of Fuegorita blends with this four-bottle set of our signature Fuegorita Flake, Fuegorita Fine, Fuegorita Fire Salt, featuring True Salt, and our hottest blend, Fuegorita Diablo. Each of these artisanal blends are variations of our original Fuegorita recipe, featuring the optimal amount of heat and flavor seasoned by some of the hottest peppers in the world. From the kitchen to the dining room, Fuegorita is "the hotter, better crushed red pepper" meant to be used at every meal.

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Case of Fuegorita

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Save 20% when you buy a case of 24 bottles of Fuegorita.

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