Fuegorita Fire Salt (21.6 oz)

Fuegorita Fire Salt combines Fuegorita Fine, created from the world's hottest dried peppers, and all-natural TrueSalt™  to create a spicy kick anywhere salt is used, from popcorn and soups to tequila shots, oranges, cucumbers and more!  

Bottle: Fuegorita Fire Salt - A blend of Fuegorita Fine and True SaltTM in 32oz PET bottle with a 63/485 Neck and black 7 Hole Flapper Closure with PS113 Liner - .200" Holes

Heat: Fuegorita Fire Salt is extremely hot. Please keep out of the reach of children and use sparingly until you are familiar with how much heat your taste buds can handle.

Weight: Product weight for one bottle in its packaging is 23.2 oz. and the net weight is 21.6 oz.

Ingredients: Fuegorita is an all-natural blend of the world’s hottest dry peppers. Nothing is added to our secret formula. Fuegorita Fire Salt is a blend of Fuegorita Fine with all-natural TrueSalt™ from the Sea of Cortez.

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